Making it Happen

Making it Happen

 When Creek. was conceived in my mind, it was really a love letter to my home in Colorado. Things from nature, smells from my life in the mountains + the feeling of my favorite shops in the city and small towns just outside the city that I love. I knew that I wanted a different and unique space. Small + intimate...a departure from the irreverence of JUNC. I knew that I wanted to sell timeless yet useful merchandise, but also have a creative space to share workshops and open it up to experiences as well as retail. 

Fast forward to opening November. When the doors opened, I sat back and realized I had fallen into the same trap. Buying goods just to sell them. After all, its what was familiar to me over the past 20 years. I fell into the rush of the holiday's and feeling the needed to just open and sell, sell, sell!  I was instantly unhappy.  Scorpio's. Am I right!? 

Now enter 2020. I have re-imagined the space, changed the inventory to reflect a creative life and honed my style to the things I use myself, love + believe in. Quality merchandise that will last, and WORKSHOPS! 

My creative life has been my savior. When I retired JUNC I began doing pottery and my outlook changed. I felt like I had found a missing piece in my life. Now I will do what I set out to do with Creek. Creative workshops of all kinds, that maybe introduce you to something that sparks a spirit in you. What is different is, at these workshops, I will have information for you specific to the subject of places, right here in San Diego, where you can go to further your interest!

I love to support small businesses, craftspeople, and learning. after all, with out them, I wouldn't be here. 

So, If you want to play, learn + grow, Subscribe below and/or follow @creeksd and watch for the calendar and workshop postings. I would love to have you here!

~Very best,


Jeffrey Parish